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Maayan Navon

Vice President

Global Leadership Alliance for Israel


Maayan Navon was born in Jerusalem, Israel on November 6, 1981.


Today she is living in Tel Aviv, Married and have two children.

Maayan joined the Israeli air force on the year of 2000 and served her first position in the Operations Center of the Israeli Air Force; she was an operations officer and was in charge of a staff of all operation officers in the squadrons for two years, from there she was placed as foreign Affairs Officer of the Air Force, served for two years and completed her military service as a captain.

At the time Maayan also had completed her BA and Political Science.

For the following eight years Maayan worked in a Global Holdings Group who developed various projects in Africa and south America, combined with Israeli technologies and knowledge in various fields such as security, agriculture, water, etc. Part of her work was business development for new markets around the world.

At 2011 Maayan finished her Master of Business Administration [MBA] from the University of Edinburg, England.

For two years Maayan had developed for the first time the ‘Friend of Israel Division’ at the South East Asia, she was the representative of official fundraising organization for Israel in the world.

Today as a Private Adviser to Global Projects Social and business. Specializing in the field of connecting business, and organizations to major impact projects in the private and governmental area.

  • Partner to CLIC [Caribbean Israel Coalition] that connects business people from all industries in Israel to 22 countries of the Caribbean.

  • She is an active member of the board of director at ‘Ofek Israeli’.

  • Adviser to Karan Hayesod chairman

  • Volunteer in association for Children in Distress

Maayan’s goal is to bring Israeli technology, knowledge and solutions to all parts of the world. Working together for ‘Tikkun olam’.

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