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Image by Kirti Kalla

Jisha Abraham


Global Leadership Alliance for Israel (India)

Jisha heads the counselling division at Bethel AG Church, Bangalore, offering counselling framework. Focusing mainly at generational issues, unconscious beliefs and conclusions (lies, judgments, vows, etc.), soul ties, & memory pictures. Prayer is a biblical & integrated part of this approach.

Jisha found her calling and passion in the ‘inner healing’ ministry that equips and empowers individual hearts to be healed and changed… truly, fully and completely.

Spiritual oppression issues are dealt with in this Inner Healing process more by facing, dealing with & removing spiritual legal rights than by the more traditional direct confrontation power encounter approach. She also believes that if legal rights are not dealt with then spiritual oppression can in many cases probably simply return at a later time, integrating the Bible, God, Christ & the Holy Spirit as central & divine in this approach.

Jisha also gives leadership to the prayer ministry in Bethel.


Jisha leads a movement that is an arm for social work which unites young women to work for the development of the under-privileged in the community and giving them a sustainable future plans.


She also gives leadership in the Bethel community & supports her husband Rev. Abraham Varghese in ministry and other avenues. They are blessed with two handsome sons.

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