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H. E. Ambassador Dr. Nina Thomas


Global Leadership Alliance for Israel

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Her Excellency, Dr. Nina Thomas is a UN Peace Ambassador who serves in the Children’s Affairs Department, Information Department – includes Media, Journalism and Related Fields and Leadership and Women’s Affairs Department.

Prior to becoming a UN Peace Ambassador, Dr. Nina Thomas also serves on the Executive Board for:

  • Greatness Channel – a 24/7 empowerment global television station

  • Daniel and Esther Network (DEN) – a global network of leading marketplace, business and governmental leaders

  • Greatness Publishing – an international publishing company

  • Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition (CILC) – a network of Caribbean and Israeli governmental and business leaders, advancing Israel strategic interest and building sustainable, economic development in the Caribbean, and

  • Ideas and Solutions Group – an organization that provides financing, strategy consulting and executive coaching to take governmental and business ideas and solutions from concept to reality.


With over 14+ years of experience, utilizing her basket of well-rounded skills and knowledge, Dr. Nina Thomas brings her expertise in business and finance management, offshore banking and offshore client management to her human resources role. Dr. Nina Thomas has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management & Finance from the City University of New York.

Dr. Nina Thomas is also a women’s coach and mentor and holds volunteerism in high esteem. She believes that volunteerism should be a vital component in administering social impact in communities and this is embodied in her time spent with the Sayers Court Children’s Home.

She is married to and serves alongside her husband, H. E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas and believes that loyalty, integrity and wisdom must always be a part of one’s life goals.

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