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H. E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas

Founder & President

Global Leadership Alliance for Israel


H. E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas is a spiritual and entrepreneurial leader with a notable prophetic and wisdom ministry for changing the trajectory of people, the church, and nations towards greatness. His life purpose is to represent God's move of glorious church ideas. His mission is to take people from bondage to greatness like Moses, the biblical Prophet. He has worked in the ministry for over thirty-four years, planting churches, holding prophetic and miracle events, greatness empowerment events, and building Bible colleges.

He founded Fresh Anointing and Wisdom Network - a Global Organization with a mission to take people from bondage to greatness like Moses, the biblical Prophet. The organization’s subsidiaries include:

  • Divine Visitation Assemblies - an international network of prophetic assemblies that take people from bondage to greatness.

  • The Greatness Channel - a 24-7 empowerment global television station

  • The Wisdom International Ministerial Alliance - a global network of leading ministers of the gospel

  • The College of Visionaries - an international network of bible colleges that empower spiritual leaders to take their uncommon visions from concept to reality.

  • Greatness Publishing - an international publishing company

  • Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition, a network of Caribbean and Israeli Governmental, Spiritual, and Business Leaders building a bridge of relationships between the Caribbean and Israel

He is a UN Peace Ambassador, and in this role, he functions as the Director-General for Global Finance and Projects for an NGO that is part of the UN Economic and Social Council.

He is the Chairman and CEO of Pleion Global Group Inc., an economic development group of companies with a mission to mine the resources in the land, sea, and people of sovereign nations for their economic dignity while protecting them from twenty-first-century threats. 

He is also the chairman and CEO of Upturn Funds Caribbean, an economic development advisory company.  He founded the Center of Political Visionaries, a political strategy consulting and coaching firm focused on developing uncommon politicians who will lead nations to economic dignity. In this role, he has pioneered a system for identifying genetic political giftedness and coaching paths for its development.

Dr. Andre Thomas is the prolific author of 30 books on leadership, spiritual development, and the transformation of nations. He is married to his soulmate, H. E. Ambassador Dr. Nina Thomas, and has two daughters.

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