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Dr. Pepe Ramnath


Global Leadership Alliance for Israel

Dr. Pepe Ramnath was born on December 17th, 1962 on the island of Trinidad. He is the husband of Angela, married since 1986 and father of three children Matthew, Joshua and Leah. He comes from a family of eight children and gave his life to Christ in December 1982 shortly after the passing of his mother. Pepe can be seen on television in Florida, Guyana, the US Virgin Islands, and Trinidad & Tobago. He is faithful to his assignment, driven by purpose and energized by his vision. Pepe and Angela are entrepreneurs and owners of a growing business, Dove Environmental Corporation, a laboratory that test for environmental matrices, microbiological and air quality. They have met with heads of state and other governmental officials on behalf of science and human issues.


Pepe Ramnath and his wife, Angela Ramnath are founders and Senior Pastors of the Miramar Kingdom Community Center (Formerly Miramar Christian Center, International – MCCI) since 1995. His ministry has been personally mentored and covered from Dr. Myles & Ruth-Ann Munroe over the years. Pepe has a great passion for the presence of the Holy Spirit, family life and education, which has taken him to the nations of this world. He is a graduate at the McCrone Research Institute, Chicago in Light Microscopy and has completed postgraduate work at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Medical Mycology/Microbiology at Emery University, LSU, the University of New Mexico, Aerobiological Research Institute and The College of Microscopy in Chicago, Illinois.

He began his academic studies at the City University of New York and transferred his work to The University of Sindh and received a Bachelor Degree in Microbiology (Industrial). He then received a Master’s degree in Environmental Science at The University of East and a distance re-evaluation doctoral degree from the University of East and finally a specialized Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Microscopy with Breyer State University (Non-US-GOV Accreditation). The International Institute of Church Management honored him on May 30th 2008 with an honorary Doctorate in Theology. He was again awarded with another honorary doctorate in Christian Leadership and literature with the Academy of Universal Global Peace, Chennai, India on January 7th 2010 and honorary doctoral degree in Philosophy: Society & Human Rights with The Latin University of Theology state of California on March 2014. Dr. Ramnath has received the Golden rule Award at the Gerald Ford Presidential Library in Grand Rapid Michigan. Dr. Ramnath received the position as an NGO Extra-Ordinary Ambassador at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria.

He is the author of three books, The Supernatural Kingdom, The Genetics of Vision, the Character of a King and soon to be published Rediscovering Eden subtitled The Science & Nature of Environments and Atmospheres. He has co-authoring a book with Dr. Myles Munroe based on Spiritual sons through Fatherhood, a book addressing the benefits of proper release, destroying pre-mature births and abortion of sons and daughters in the ministry, which has never been published since the recalling of Dr. Munroe on November 9th 2014.

Pepe Ramnath leads the MKCC (formerly MCCI) church family on a beautiful facility that sits on four acres of land in the city of Miramar, Florida. He is on the Board of Directors and Vice President of Environmental Sustainability/Protection for the International Third-World Association (ITWLA). He is on the Board of the Myles Munroe’s International USA and regularly requested speaker at Dr. Myles Munroe Kingdom Training Conference, ASAPH and the Global Leadership Summit. He is presently in high demand around the world as a conference speaker and government consultant. Dr. Ramnath also serves on the Board of Directors of the South Florida Pastors Network for International Relations.

In every service an atmosphere of God’s presence is experienced as worshippers are absorbed in God’s presence inside the incubator of Eden’s perfect environmental Kingdom. His practical, scientific, atmospheric and environmental approach in teaching the message of the Kingdom has created a unique balance of power (gifts) and character (fruits) in the lives of people. He believes that character, integrity and personality are better developed in an atmosphere of Eden on earth and education is crucial in becoming an effective witness for Christ to an advancing world. He is committed to raising the standards of people through the careful mix of science and the kingdom for the release of the hidden nucleic potential of man. His mission is to raise leaders in the culture of God’s kingdom who would eventually influence this world economically, politically, socially and culturally. He is determined to see the manifested culture and glory of God be made tangible to all of the worlds (Sports, Science, Education, Philosophy, Arts, governments, etc.) found on the earth. Come and experience an Atmosphere of HIS (GOD) presence today.

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