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Dr. Lester Thornhill


Global Leadership Alliance for Israel

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He is a heavenly-trained Kingdom Ambassador who adds value to people's lives on a daily basis. Dr. Lester Thornhill got his start in the community involvement business and social arena when he was seven years old, selling snacks on the soccer field and collaborating with various community leaders.


This event established a level of quality and discipline in his life, as well as the tone for ethics and effectiveness, which can still be seen in the value standards he applies in his commercial dealings.


Dr. Lester Thornhill, a Caribbean-born expert in peak performance for entrepreneurs, corporate executives, managers, sales professionals, corporate employees, and educators, is a top expert in his field.


North of 12 years, his convincing message, engaging energy and individual instructing style has great many people on a way to accomplishing their dreams. The guidelines contained in his book, 12 Quadrants for Absolute Success is used by top achievers from varying backgrounds and all areas of trade. His passion for helping others, combined with his teaching style, has earned him a reputation for mastering the art of teaching people how to achieve unimaginable goals and tap their limitless potential in the eight basic areas of life: Relationships, Leadership, Personal growth, Health Appearance Nutrition, Leisure, Contribution, Financial growth and Business career development, using practical street smart training to show others how they, too, can achieve whatever level of success they desire.


He is involved in community and international activities, and he is the President of several firms as well as a consultant in 20 industries. His life mission is to assist others in living remarkable lives.


Working intentionally from his basic beliefs of unconditional love, constant leadership, and living his best life now. His clients characterize him as compassionate, vibrant, insightful, professional, passionate, and results-oriented. He inspires personal leaders and management teams to achieve higher levels of performance. His remarkable life includes co-founding the Life Building Foundation with his wonderful wife, Seistra.


Their vision is for everyone in the globe to have access to high-quality education in their field of study, whether in a classroom or digital, and their mission is to promote lifelong learning education in every country. Their lifelong ambition is to establish schools in every country on the planet. The Life Building Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by a group of committed individuals who want to make the world a better place. They follow their dreams. They live by their values and ask you to do the same.

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